And so it begins . . . Do You Has What It Takes To Join The Homestarmy?!?

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02:16am 23/12/2004
  Are you lame? Want to find out? Come join lame_like_that!

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I has what it takes to join the Homestarmy! 
08:33pm 10/09/2004
  *gives the leader $5*  
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is everyone alive? 
11:10am 12/06/2004
mood: worried
What happened to this commnuity!? Is it...dead? :/
09:15pm 19/04/2004
mood: ecstatic
Yay i've joined the Homestarmy!!! that is so cool that there is a community called the homestarmy, totally wikid awesome, heh. I really love, cause it's so funny. my favorite characters are Homestar, cause he is the bestest!!!!!! and also marshie is wikid awesome, hehe
09:12pm 19/03/2004
mood: happy
Oh my god, I was SOO happy to find there was a community called the Homestarmy. I told myself that if there wasn't a community called Homestarmy, I'd create one. Anyway, Homestar rocks, but that goes without saying. My favourite characters are Homestar and HOMSAR. Homsar rules! So does the Strong Bad CD. :D
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Private Dinette reporting for duty, Sir! 
11:07pm 19/02/2004
mood: dorky

I'm so happy to find a Homestarmy community!  That has been my favorite email, and I laughed so hard I cried.  I became obsessed with it and I watch it more than I should.  My desktop is a Homestarmy theme, and I create Homestarmy Icons.

Homestar is my favorite character too.  He never gets enough screen time. 

I come bearing gifts!  There are 4 Homestarmy Icons under the cut, and a Homestar as John MacEnroe Icon.  Take 'em, use 'em, edit 'em, eat them for cereal, I don't care.  Just credit me.  If you have requests, I'll fix 'em right up for you.

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07:50pm 31/01/2004
  This community needs to get active... >.> and the text is hard to see with that background.  
haha, man... 
07:05pm 14/01/2004
mood: accomplished
that is by far the greatest email ever!!! and yes, i am a hardcore homestar runner fan. probably my favorite character is homestar, because he always gets ignored, but when he's in a toon, all of his stuff is gold...greatness. yeah, that wasn't very long, but ah...oh well!